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A Closer Look at Thermal Cameras

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Thermal cameras are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

You may have heard of the term “cutting-edge” before. It means something is so radical that it is ahead of its time. Have you heard of a similar phrase called “bleeding-edge?” if you haven’t, don’t worry! Learning something new about the security technology you rely on every day is never a bad thing. Learning is the key to advancement and improvement. In that same vein, thermal cameras are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Seeing What Can’t Be Seen 

Intruders and other threats can hide or be concealed. Thermal camera technologies overcome that pitfall. Closing the loophole is more than just a possibility – it’s an imperative! Keeping your facility secure, no matter its purpose, cannot and should not be downplayed or neglected just to save money. That is a poor way to use your security budget. When you pair advanced thermal cameras with analytics, your information and detection solutions will become even more effective. Non-threats can be ignored, while operators can track actual threats instead. This ability serves to reduce incidences of crime, vandalism, and violence in public spaces. That way, you won’t have to worry about false alarms – especially when it comes to tightening up perimeter security measures!

How They Actually Work

With that in mind, let’s zoom in (so to speak) on how thermal camera technology is supposed to work. For one thing, these surveillance cameras continue to provide excellent coverage even when current conditions are adverse to proper surveillance. When you can’t send guards out on patrol, these cameras can take their place. Thermal network cameras, video analytics, and audio detection and differentiation programming can all make a huge difference. For example, they can outperform older counterparts from previous decades, such as infrared sensors and microwave-based radar systems. 

Surprisingly Considerate of Personal Privacy 

In this modern era we live in, ethical concern about constant surveillance has led to thorny questions about how it can be deployed in a responsible manner. One compelling reason to rely on thermal cameras is that they are unexpectedly sensitive to personal privacy issues. What does that mean, exactly? To be more specific, they do not rely on facial recognition. So if you are worried about sticky situations caused by potential lawsuits, this aspect can put you at ease. Thus, you can remain compliant with all rules and regulations that are in place. In hospitals and other medical care facilities, such an apparatus can alert employees whenever patients fall or could be injured in some other way. 


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