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What to Do After Your Fire Alarms Sound

What to Do After Your Fire Alarms Sound

Why are working fire alarms so important?

Before October ends, there is still time to observe Fire Prevention month. Preventing fires and fire hazards is a crucial way to keep your business running and your employees and customers safe. Even so, it’s not always possible to prevent a fire from starting. That’s where fire alarms enter the picture. Here is some more information about what to do when the fire alarm sounds.

Don’t Overlook the Statistics

Why are working fire alarms so important? The numbers don’t lie. Over 3,000 people a year perish in fires where the fire alarm failed to activate. While 40% of those fatalities occurred in homes without a working fire alarm or smoke alarm, that means that the majority (60%) of those deaths happened in commercial settings.

Ensure Safety

After the fire alarm sounds, you will have at most a single minute to escape. There is a lot to do in that minute when you need to ensure the safety of everyone in the building. You need to make that minute count. Make sure that your fire alarm system works all over your building. Replace the ones that have stopped working, and make sure that every floor has multiple alarms. If your campus contains multiple buildings, or your business has several locations then verify that each fire alarm works.

Then arrange for monitoring services that can connect you directly to authorities and first responders whenever a fire does start in your commercial building. Practice your evacuation plans and put fire extinguishers in easy reach of the employees who are responsible for using them. Never turn off the fire alarm system for any reason, and most importantly, don’t allow anyone to reenter the building if it is on fire.

What to Do Next

It’s natural to panic when fire alarms activate. After all, you never expect it to when it does, even if it is for a mundane reason such as someone in a neighboring office burning their toast. Leave the building and use a mass notification system alert to warn off-site employees or scheduled visitors for the day that there is a fire on the premises. Anticipate the fire sprinklers turning on and making the floor wet as you try to get out. Secure the building to prevent intrusion, and then be sure to contact your insurance provider about what has happened.

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