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How Future Security Decisions Are In The Hands Of Data Control Systems

Apparently, a lot can be gleaned from accessing control systems such as campus security. Currently, these systems are used primarily for supervising and restricting access to various facilities. Still, the importance of these systems lies in the data that they produce which is often overlooked. However, when properly leveraged, access control data can permit operators to ascertain, weaken, and eliminate myriad risks involved in security breaches.

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Why data control systems are so important to the future of security.

A Way To Profile Risk

A great use for access data systems is to obtain profile risk based on actual data, as opposed to using other practices. The possibilities are endless for using access control data to benefit risk assessment situations. Creating a Building Risk Score is one such example. This involves factoring in weighted variables like the number of unauthorized access control panels in a building, the number and type of alarms, and the presence of any high-value assets. Other algorithms may incorporate third-party datasets like neighborhood crime, adding some context into the access control system. By combining all these variables, an algorithm can then easily create a score that depicts the campus risk profile. At that point, high-risk buildings can be reviewed by security personnel to ensure that they are fully staffed for security reasons, to make sure the proper security systems are set in place, or to comprehend whether offices need to be moved to a different location. It’s important to note that every building’s rank in the risk profile will likely change based on a variety of factors such as environmental and socio-economic changes around the campus.

The Threat From The Inside

Insider threat is another important risk factor to consider. According to SpectorSoft, seventy-four percent of chief information security officers find insider threats to be the biggest risk factor in obtaining classified data. Typically, happening after hours when employees or students enter the building, data access systems can be used to collect the card information, providing incredible insight into employee and student behavior.

Oftentimes, employees may have access problems which would indicate a possible problem. Other times, employees attempting to access a building during non-working hours could be suspect for alerting security to a potential problem.

Cyber Threats

These days, cyber threats are increasing due to the influx of hackings happening at a sky high rate. Not only are hackings an issue, but consider a scenario in which an employee enters an office in Baltimore, but his IP address is logged in from New York City. A data access system would have the capabilities to notice such an issue, triggering a potential investigation. Since very few companies currently test for such problems, it seems like the future this type of data will be vital and data access systems would play an important role in obtaining such information.


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