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How to Upgrade and Harden Your Access Control Systems, Part 1

upgrading access control ark systems

Door-mounted access control systems could potentially be more vulnerable to intrusion than systems located in other areas.

Businesses and other communal spaces are still adapting to the new-look future that hadn’t been previously predicted. It’s fair to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed things more profoundly than just “disrupting business as usual” and its associated concepts. Some business owners find it difficult to balance spending money wisely against reinforcing their security checkpoints. But adjusting your policies and protocols and making them amenable to on-site and off-site employees doesn’t need to feel like solving an impossible puzzle.

Utilize Door Contacts to Their Full Potential 

Door contacts are an underappreciated and underutilized access control upgrade. They can make more of a difference than they typically get credit for compared to their counterparts. Door-mounted access control systems could potentially be more vulnerable to intrusion than systems located in other areas. As such, request-to-exit sensors and access control readers are the most likely upgrades to be implemented. That said, door contacts can prove useful as well. Why is this the case? They will ping the wider security system whenever a door is left open. Not only is this a crucial component of ensuring perimeter security, but it is also a simple way to eliminate another exposed egress point.

Monitor and Control Primary Entrances 

Primary entrances and exits are bound to be the focal points of your building’s access control systems. This configuration facilitates the monitoring and control of foot traffic and incoming visitors. Schools, airports, and hospitals, among others, require multiple entrances and exits. Although it is primarily a convenience, it’s also part of conventional wisdom for new structures. You’ll start to see encouraging results when you restrict access except for key personnel and other authorized individuals. 

Uninstall Door Hardware from Exterior Doors 

Another quick and easy way to make positive changes is by uninstalling unnecessary door hardware. You might be puzzled by how strange this advice sounds. But don’t worry, for we can explain. Install exit-only door hardware on the doors that serve as exits. One way to do this is by installing cover plates. These add-ons don’t cost very much, and they pay incredible dividends.

Do Away with Conveniently-Placed Door Props 

Door props are frequently used for doors that your employees go in and out of multiple times a day. But this presents another easily-exploitable security flaw. Take away rocks and traffic cones or other items used in this way.  


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