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How to Upgrade and Harden Your Access Control Systems, Part 2

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Improving your access control starts with the basics.

Additional security is on everyone’s minds these days. As such, it’s a smart idea to invest more money into your building’s existing access control apparatus. These systems combine multiple dimensions of physical and technical security assets. So how can you improve the protocols you have now? Start by reviewing the access privileges you’ve already enabled. Then, go beyond that to ensure maximum security. 

Review Currently-Active Access Credentials 

Improving your access control starts with the basics. If you haven’t reviewed your list of access credentials lately, it might be time to do so. One strategy that can make a difference is the “zero trust” tactic. This approach means that no one inside or outside the boundaries of the property is considered trustworthy. The concept itself originated in cybersecurity and IT support. However, it’s also a worthwhile idea to implement it for physical security purposes as well. 

Tighten Up Your Key Control Policies 

Traditional keys are an essential part of making your employees feel like part of the team. But being more selective of who holds the keys (and what doors they unlock) is an important consideration. In short, manage your keys better. Key requests should yield an audit trail. This simple policy simplifies reliable recordkeeping. Moreover, it makes life easier for the HR department. While you might be wondering why this protocol change matters so much, it relates to key retrieval as employees complete exit interviews and transition to their next workplace. 

Combat Alert Fatigue with Custom Zone Notifications 

Unfortunately, alert fatigue is a massive problem. Given enough time, human operators will become overwhelmed with the avalanche of notifications they will receive. What this means is that major incursions could be lost in all of the noise. As a result, custom zone notifications present an excellent solution to this issue. Define which areas of your building or campus are restricted and which ones are not. Then, the distinction between minor situations and true emergencies enables security teams to make solid decisions in the heat of the moment. 

Retrofit or Improve Door Hardware As Needed 

How well-maintained is your door hardware? These security components are often overlooked. However, that doesn’t diminish how crucial they are. So, if you don’t remember the last time you’ve replaced your doors and door hardware, this is one change that is incumbent on you to make. In other words: it’s too urgent to ignore! 

Patch Your Access Control System Software

The last piece of advice we have to give you relates to software. Updating (“patching”) the software underpinning your access control systems is another essential part of solving the problem of inadequate safety and security. Don’t downplay how much of a difference it makes!


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