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  • A Brief Look at Two Factor Authentication

    There is no question of how important passwords are. They are the simplest methods to secure data and ensure network security, whether internal or external. Your business thrives on data, no matter what industry you belong to, and data backups… Read More

  • What Can Two Factor Authentication Do for You?

    Passwords provide the easiest way to protect accounts and data backups for your business. But these days, passwords are becoming far less effective than they once were. Luckily, a new solution has appeared: two factor authentication.

  • How Biometrics Are Making Hospitals More Secure

    Security is a top priority in hospitals, specifically with regards to patient records. Within the last decade, records have moved at an astounding pace from manilla folders to electronic databases, making record access much easier and significantly improving workflow. Unfortunately,… Read More

  • How Two-Factor Authentication Improves Security

    The problem of authentication is a common one for security systems and security applications. Two-factor authentication is becoming a necessity for many security access points. Two-factor is taken out of three possible components: something you know, something you have and… Read More