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How Video Surveillance is Critical in Healthcare Facilities

ARK Systems Video Surveillance Healthcare Facilities

Video surveillance is critical in healthcare facilities for a number of reasons, including theft and patient safety.

Every business and public facility should have video surveillance. This is one of the most important aspects of any security plan. There is a lot of great security technology available now, but video surveillance remains the most critical. These systems give the facility the opportunity to have eyes everywhere, and modern systems make monitoring easier and more efficient than ever. For healthcare facilities, video surveillance systems are the backbone of a secure facility.

Monitoring Vulnerable Areas

Healthcare facilities need to be able to monitor sensitive areas easily and efficiently. Video surveillance is the best way to do this. Thankfully, video surveillance is always getting smarter. With modern AI-driven systems that use data analysis and multi-sensor technology, surveillance is an automatic process that alerts security personnel to potential problems. This saves healthcare facilities a lot of time and effort by avoiding false alarms, lengthy investigations, and the need to sift through hours of film.

Vulnerable areas include pharmacies, lobbies, entrances, and even various hallways that wouldn’t otherwise have close monitoring. In particular, pharmacies are a significant theft risk that need to be kept under supervision at all times.

Patient Monitoring

Vulnerable areas aren’t the only things that need to be monitored in a healthcare facility—some patients also need constant surveillance to remain safe. Some scenarios that require constant patient monitoring include self-harm risks, fall risks, and abuse risks. Prior to modern video surveillance, healthcare facilities with high-risk patients had to have a staff member stay in the room with the patient at all times. This is an inefficient use of staff, which can put extra strain on the facility (especially if they have multiple high-risk patients). Video surveillance allows for careful monitoring with a fast response in order to keep patients safe.

“Dump & Run”

One of the unique problems hospitals face is what is referred to as a “dump and run”—a car pulling up and dumping a patient into the lot before driving off. These often happen with patients who seem to have been victims of criminal activity, and hospitals have a responsibility to try to get information on who dumped these individuals. They used to have to go through hours of surveillance footage on low-quality cameras to try to pull license plate numbers and determine vehicle information, which made the process tedious and time-consuming. Now, with smarter video surveillance systems, healthcare facilities can get the information they need on these cases much more quickly and report it to the proper authorities.


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