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Reconfiguring Your Existing Employee ID Badge Protocols

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We’ve devised a guide to updating and reconfiguring your employee ID badge policies to close any possible loopholes.

Every so often, it becomes necessary to revise your employee handbook. Within this handbook, you have most likely defined some access control-related guidelines. One element of that policy has to do with employee ID badges. If your protocols around this essential part of running a business are outdated or otherwise lacking, it is high time to do something about that. As such, we’ve devised a guide to updating and reconfiguring your employee ID badge policies to close any possible loopholes.  

Regarding Access Control Needs and Solutions 

In this day and age, access control has never been more important. That’s why neglecting such measures or ignoring them outright is a bad call. Although the connection between identification badges and access control systems does not seem evident first, if you think of them as specially programmed keycards, that relationship begins to make more sense than it does at face value. 

Designating the Technical Specialist for Badge Creation 

Which employee on your staff is responsible for organizing the badges? Who runs the printer, and who is responsible for setting up the employee profiles associated with the badges? Address these questions before new employees are onboarded. IT administrators need to have clear instructions from company HR and other higher-ups. Miscommunications can slow down the process, particularly during periods of high staffing turnover. That’s why having a technical specialist for this purpose matters. 

Who Oversees the Revised ID Badge Policy? 

Likewise, who is in charge of overseeing and enforcing the policy? Although the technical specialist mentioned in the previous paragraph could also serve this purpose, perhaps they have too many other duties to perform. To that end, someone from HR or the team managers from each company division could hold responsibility for this key role. 

Confronting Potential Logistical Challenges Head-On 

Several other logistical hurdles need to be addressed as well. For instance, what will the employee use to identify themselves before their badge is ready? Are there records tracking which badge cards have been issued and which ones have not? Who tracks changes in these documents and ensures that there are no mistakes or errors? What happens when a badged employee leaves the company? These questions don’t need to be difficult to answer. Moreover, deactivation protocols for each company-issued ID are just as important as the ones associated with activation in the first place.  


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