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Protecting our students.

Students with special needs require extra audio and video security systems in order to keep them safe and secure. Texas is the first state to have a bill proposed that would require all schools to install special audio and video surveillance systems into certain special education classrooms.

What Does The New Law Do?

The new law allows cameras and recorders to be installed in classrooms that have special needs children. The surveillance requires that the equipment must be installed in a manner that allows the entire classroom to be seen and heard. Furthermore, the law requires that these recordings be safely maintained and kept for at least six months after the initial recording.

All The Reactions

Although there are a few people who are skeptical of the new law, many school districts in Texas have already begun the process of implementing special security measures in accordance with the new law.

However, many school districts have complained that the new law does not accompany any federal or state funding to assist in implementing these new security systems. Due to the lack of funding only the schools that have the revenue are able to install these security measures, leaving the less enfranchised schools unable to provide needed and essential security for all of their students.

Edna Independent School District

Better known as Edna ISD, a school district in Texas that was the first to move forward in installing and complying with the new law for their special needs students. Although Edna ISD struggled to find the monetary resources for these systems, they began working with PSX, Inc., an experienced security system solutions company, with specific experience in school security systems. The school’s district went ahead and used some of the best technology they could find to ensure the safety and protection of every single one of their students.


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