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Systems Integration: Combining Security and Surveillance

systems integration ark systems Surveillance security
One concept that has been overlooked or de-emphasized is the notion of systems integration.

Technology is always evolving. As time marches onward, so does human curiosity, ingenuity, and determination. One concept that has been overlooked or de-emphasized is the notion of systems integration. You may be familiar with unifying access control systems with fire alarms. In that same vein, high-tech anti-intrusion detectors can be linked with surveillance camera arrays. Although this prospect sounds expensive, it can also yield numerous excellent benefits. 

Outline Your Intended Goals 

Perhaps you are anxious about the next global pandemic? The COVID-19 crisis is the worst such event in over a century. But there’s no telling when the next pandemic will occur Рor when another natural disaster could potentially ruin business-as-usual. So the first consideration you need to make is this Рwhy? What is the intended purpose behind combining building security and surveillance camera lattices? Specify the objectives underpinning your integration efforts, and then go from there.

Overhaul Your Current Databases

Upgrades can do more than improve the disparate technological elements your organization uses every day. One of your most important assets is data storage. Thus, your servers and internal networks need to be encrypted or otherwise safeguarded via cybersecurity means. Another suggestion we have for you is to overhaul your current databases. Hardware mainframes and software programs can cover the streaming and storage issues that could plague you. As such, you might want to look into high-quality compression technologies like Zipstream; this tech shrinks the requirements and brings associated costs down at the same time. 

Analyze the Expected ROI 

Return-on-investment (ROI) will affect how you allocate your budget. Creating a sensible budget that is responsive to unforeseen delays and other hitches will take much of the stress out of this process. Actual measurements of loss prevention, break-ins, and insider tampering can be difficult to assess without some semblance of hard evidence. If you see your margins shrinking, systems integration could be the answer you’ve been looking for all this time. 

Be Proactive About Future Threats

Constant vigilance is a key component of building safety. Protecting every member of your campus community should be at the forefront of your planning regarding future concerns. Scalability is a factor that must be accounted for, especially as your business grows over the years. Expansions in terms of larger premises, service area radius, and workforce size will also influence your decision-making. Even if you are satisfied with your current systems integration status, don’t get complacent. Contingency and continuity plans help you prepare for what comes next.

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