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The Value of Panoramic Surveillance Cameras

Blind spots and the overall cost of using surveillance cameras can deter companies from using them in the first place. However, unlike their counterparts, panoramic cameras address these drawbacks more effectively than their predecessor technologies might have done in years past. Every investment you make in your business has the potential to yield a windfall – as long as you do it with reasonable expectations after conducting thorough market research. What are your competitors doing in terms of security measures, and how can you surpass their performance metrics?

Blind spots and the overall cost of using surveillance cameras can deter companies from using them in the first place.

How They Save You Money 

The total cost of ownership (TCO) helps you determine the return on investment that your technological assets give you. For example, let’s examine the disposition of the panoramic surveillance camera. Although the camera is located at one point of installation, it does not restrict its detection field. In this regard, it is more effective than multiple PTZ cameras used for the same purpose. You will not have to expend more resources – time and money – that will otherwise be detrimental to your bottom line. Panoramic cameras only need one cable and VMS license before they are deployed. This setup makes them easier to maintain and allows them to be refocused remotely rather than operated by onsite technicians or security personnel.

Single-Sensor Cameras 

Depending on why you need panoramic cameras, a single-sensor unit could be all you need. They are better suited for indoor environments such as lobbies, parking garages, and stores. The camera can move in all 360 degrees, minimizing possible blind spots that intruders can use to their advantage. Fisheye lenses also provide higher-fidelity pictures and video images.  

Multisensor Cameras 

Multisensor cameras can also make a positive impact on the safety and security of your premises. That’s because they rely on multiple sensors working together. The 180-degree horizontal field and the 90-degree vertical field will create a much clearer image of the area under surveillance. Another advantage is that they have a much longer range and can also accurately monitor larger gatherings of people to spot trouble before the situation gets out of control.

Multidirectional Cameras 

In some cases, you’ll need as much coverage as possible. That’s where multidirectional cameras enter the picture. Each device is set to a specific direction and angle; even so, they provide their own stream to reduce confusion. Multiple cameras can overlap one another and assemble a more cohesive look at what is happening below the cameras. Schools and university campuses need this configuration the most, both on the grounds and within individual buildings. 

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