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The great debate: HDcctv versus IP video

As technology continues to expand, your decisions begin to become more and more complicated. What was once as simple as picking a manufacturer and grabbing a box of 24 VHS tapes is now so much more complex.


In the last 8 years, the security field has been flooded with new technologies, new languages, new standards and increased network capabilities. But what does all this mean? This article from seeks to explain.


Nowadays, you do not just have to choose the right camera; you also have to tell the future. You have to do your research and try to determine which technology will be around for the long haul. Is the future of the security industry HDcctv or IP video?


The last thing you want to do is choose a technology that will be obsolete in 2 years. Then you will just have to go through this process all over again. So you need to evaluate the available technologies while taking into account your company’s needs. Simple enough, right?


Ask yourself these questions:


How long is your company going to stay in its current facility? If it is short-term (three-five years), using existing coaxial infrastructure and HDcctv is an economic and smart business choice. If it’s five years or more, now you have to choose between HDcctv and IP video.


Is your company expanding? Along the same lines as the question before, is your company booming and will this increased business cause you to move to a larger facility? You don’t want to invest in an expensive network infrastructure if you are not planning to stay for a while.


Do you lease or own your current building? If you own the building, a longer-term investment in network infrastructure may be the better investment over time.


What is your budget? This final qualifier is in many ways the most important. Don’t try and solve a $500 problem with a $10,000 solution.


However, in the end, everything comes down to video quality.


While both HDcctv and IP video offer high quality images, IP has the edge in implementation.  If video is to be viewed from a central control room, either solution works, but if the video needs to be accessed from several locations, IP is the way to go.


Examine your needs, your company’s future, and the benefits/draw backs of each technology. This will help to determine if HDcctv or IP video make more sense for you and your business.


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