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The Importance of School Security Upgrades

The Importance of School Security Upgrades

Even though the school year is winding down, school security remains one of the most pressing issues to discuss and improve.

Even though the school year is winding down, school security remains one of the most pressing issues to discuss and improve. College campuses are ending their spring semesters, but it won’t be long until summer sessions begin. Whether or not summer schools are about to begin, you cannot overlook the importance of school security upgrades.

Why School Security Upgrades Matter

Schools are busy places, especially at the start of the day and the end of the day. School resource officers can help keep students and staff safe, but security cameras, monitored school access systems, and emergency drills are all upgrades that can make a difference without necessarily being expensive. However, the more money that can be poured into improving school security, the better. By beginning upgrades at the end of the school year, it can minimize disruptions to daily routines, continue throughout the summer vacation, and be finished in time for the new school year to begin.

Budget Questions

In March, the state of Maryland answered potential budget questions about upgrading school safety measures. Out of the $44.5 billion budget, $30 million was specifically earmarked for implementing school security upgrades. While there were some questions over how much funding to assign, praise for the school resource officer who intervened during the Great Mills shooting incident helped influence the final decision. Also, improving school security as much as possible will ultimately benefit Maryland schoolchildren and their families. A new grant proposed by Governor Larry Hogan would provide $12.5 million; regardless of where the money comes from, the goal is clear: protecting everyone in the state’s schools.

The School Safety Caucus

Two members of Congress, Rick Larsen of Washington State and Susan Brooks of Indiana, launched the School Safety Caucus in 2016. Since then, the group’s goal has been to give schools the means to improve their security measures. Through this assistance, schools would be able to refocus on educating students at all levels in safe and comfortable settings. Collaboration between policy-makers, law enforcement, parents, students, and the schools themselves would carry out the changes the Caucus creates. Larsen and Brooks also co-sponsored a bill called the School Safety Act, which reactivates the Secure Our Schools program, a fund established to help governments across the country help their schools become safer than ever before.

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