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The Role of Motion Detection CCTV Cameras

The Role of Motion Detection CCTV Cameras

Motion detection technology provides efficient video surveillance for businesses.

No matter what industry you work in, whether the government, hospitality, healthcare, education, commerce, etc., security is a top priority. Running a business or service of any sort requires working in a sound and secure facility. Part of that security pertains to guarding against potential burglars, terrorists, and other shady characters. One of the most trusted, tried, and true security solutions is video surveillance. Here is the beneficial role of motion detection CCTV cameras, in particular.

The Need for Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most robust forms of security a business can have. Although it does nothing but show visitors that they are under surveillance, that very role makes it a major deterrent of crime. The very presence of a CCTV camera often makes would-be burglars, shoplifters, and other criminals think twice about doing their dirty deeds. 

It can also add a level of comfort for visitors and employees, as they know that should anything happen, the cameras can record an event and identify the criminal. It also adds peace of mind to property management personnel and possibly reduces the need to hire more security staff. Robust security cameras take care of monitoring restricted areas and public areas alike for you, giving you an alert in real time should anything unusual occur. ARK Systems has many impressive Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) options and the expertise to decide on the right kind for your business needs

The Role of Motion Detection in CCTV

Motion detection CCTV cameras record video based on sensitivity to movement. These cameras monitor the difference of pixels between consecutive frames. If there is enough change between frames, the camera will automatically turn on. One can set the sensitivity to different levels to pick up major or minor movements. For example, if one sets the sensitivity to 50%, the camera might not pick up a leaf flapping in the wind, but it will pick up if a person walks by. 

Motion detection CCTV cameras are both smart and budget-friendly. When only major movement is recorded, one only uses as much recording time as one needs. Cameras have a limited recording period, so only picking up notable movement is more efficient than a 24/7 device. Property management personnel will receive an instant alert should the motion detector go off. You and an optional third party can know exactly where and when the unusual activity occurred. Overall, motion detection CCTV cameras provide efficient, cost-effective video surveillance, enhancing security and boosting productivity. 


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