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The Zero Trust Model

ARK Systems Zero Trust Model

The zero trust model provides strong security and limits the potential damage of any successful cybersecurity breaches.

When it comes to cybersecurity, research and development of new processes and technologies can never work fast enough. Hackers and other cyber threats are constantly getting better at what they do while finding new ways to locate and attack vulnerabilities in online security systems. Large corporations are always at high risk, but anyone can be caught up in a cyberattack. One of the more recent cybersecurity systems is known as the zero trust model.

What is Zero Trust?

The zero trust model operates on a very basic principle: assume everything is a threat. These systems treat all access and data transmission as an attack, requiring verification at every step. Most systems in use today utilize a system that assumes trust based on previously-verified identification. These can be tied to location, ISP address, or other factors used to determine identity within the system. With zero trust, all end users must verify their identity every time they access a zero trust system, even if they’re already within the perimeter.

What are the Key Factors?

Terminating Every Connection

Firewalls alert to malicious content once it is delivered, which is too little too late. With zero trust, the connection is terminated by the system so that these files can be inspected by inline proxy architecture to determine malice before delivery. This stops the threat before it gets to its destination, as opposed to a firewall that is unable to stop the files from infecting the system.

Direct Connection

Another major benefit to a zero trust model is that end users are not connected to the network but directly to the applications and resources they’re accessing. This not only stops lateral movement, it actually makes the end user and their connection invisible to threats because they’re not connected through the network. 

What are the Benefits?

The zero trust model is highly beneficial for many businesses and organizations because it effectively reduces the attack surface while mitigating the damage of any successful malicious cyberattack.

The zero trust model is also considered the most effective method of cloud security, which is critical due to the new hybrid work environment many of us are now utilizing. Treating every connection and file as a threat keeps the system safe from most cyberattacks, and connecting end users directly to applications and resources means any attacks won’t be able to infect connected systems through the network, so any damage will be limited to the source point.

While the zero trust model is one of the best cybersecurity systems currently available, it is not foolproof because no system is. Cybersecurity and cyberattacks are in constant opposition, and every system runs the risk of being breached. Utilizing a strong cybersecurity system such as the zero trust model does manage to lower your risk of serious damage and keep attacks contained.


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