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5 Ways to Improve Cloud Security

ARK Systems Cloud Security

Cloud security is more important than ever, and there are a few methods you can use to protect your sensitive data.

In today’s world, cybersecurity is just as important as physical security for pretty much every facility and business—from schools to warehouses to chain retailers, nearly everyone has sensitive data sitting on a cloud server that they need to keep protected. For schools, this can be personal information about faculty students. For chain retailers, we need only look back at the Target Data Breach of 2013, during which the personal information of 70 million customers was compromised, along with the credit and debit information of 40 million consumers.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is an important and cost-effective way to protect your cloud data because usernames and passwords simply aren’t sufficient anymore and haven’t been for several years. Using multi-factor authentication is as simple as having a code sent to your phone and as complex as requiring a physical security key to keep would-be intruders out of your cloud-based accounts.

Tighten User Access

Employees will need access to some of the cloud-based data and services, but every employee doesn’t need access to everything. Create a system that focuses on giving access to those who need it, but denying access to those who don’t. Restricting access, even to employees, helps keep the data under lock-and-key and only available to a select few who require it to perform their daily tasks.

Monitor End User Activities

Keeping an eye on end user activities will allow you to catch unusual behavior and anomalies in the usual patterns which could indicate a cybersecurity breach. There are some amazing automated solutions to consider, which should be discussed with a security professional who knows the ins and outs of the different programs. These can lighten the load when dealing with cybersecurity by automatically detecting and blocking suspicious activity.

Do Comprehensive Off-Boarding

Whenever an employee leaves your company, a comprehensive off-boarding process is important to keep them from being able to access your cloud storage and any data within. Even if the previous employee left on good terms, they no longer require access to your cloud data and should be fully removed as an authorized user. Check regularly to ensure that only current employees are able to access your cloud data.

Use Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solutions

Data loss can happen—sometimes the cloud provider makes an error, but more often than not, data loss can be traced back to human error. Not everyone is good with technology, and mistakes can happen that could be potentially devastating. Using a cloud-to-cloud backup solution ensures that all of your cloud data can be restored in the event of a cybersecurity disaster.


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