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Video Surveillance: What Works

The use of video surveillance is quickly growing. The number of cameras in service is constantly on the rise and surveillance technology is continuously being improved upon. But with so many security options on the market, how can one determine the best surveillance methods available?

This article from can help. It outlines some of the most efficient practices being utilized today. These will help you improve security, while getting the greatest return on your technology investment.

Lighting and Coverage Issues

•     Infrared cameras can help eliminate glare, giving you a much clearer picture.

•     Great coverage in hallways at a cheap price can be achieved with a hemispheric camera. These cameras offer a wide angel view, providing the same coverage as two or three conventional cameras.

Solving Bandwidth Issues

With the integration of new high-resolution cameras, insufficient bandwidth has become an increasing problem. Working closely with your IT department is crucial when designing your security network.

•     Some network upgrades include power of the Ethernet (PoE) switches.

•     Another approach is to segregate cameras into separate systems.

•     Institutions can also deploy physical or virtual backbones specific to security.

•     Video surveillance compression methods are another approach to handling bandwidth issues.

Proving Doubters Wrong

There will always be detractors, no matter what you do. This especially goes for upgrading security systems. So how can you show these critics that upgrading your current system is the fiscally responsible thing to do? Here are some benefits to improving your system:

•     Less maintenance, since new systems do not use DVRs.

•     The only maintenance involved deals with the infrastructure and cameras, meaning overall cost is reduced.

•     Increased security between servers and devices. These new systems are very difficult to hack. This means there are significantly less privacy concerns with upgraded systems.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you create a new security system that is both cost-efficient and highly reliable.

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