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Top 7 Trends in Video Surveillance

The Security and surveillance industry is one full of trends with the “next big thing” lurking right under the corner. Technologies are constantly changing, evolving the way we protect our homes and businesses.

So what are the current trendy technologies in the surveillance industry?

This article from provides a list of the top 7 security industry trends of 2011.

  1. Megapixel Cameras: They have been around for years, but they are constantly evolving to better fit the needs of end-users. High definition (HD) video now allows for better subject identification, requires fewer cameras to cover a given area, and provides for specialized applications, such a license plate recognition.
  2. HDcctv: This technology transmits via TCP/IP uncompressed video that has not been encapsulated. HDcctv provides many of the same benefits as megapixel IP cameras, but allows users to use conventional analog equipment, meaning you do not have to upgrade your entire system.
  3. Video Management Systems (VMS): VMS takes advantage of the open or nonproprietary platforms that facilitate interoperability, providing end-users with a unified interface.
  4. “Edge” Devices: These intelligent surveillance cameras have built-in features like recording, storage and analytics, meaning less video data needs to be streamed to a central location for viewing. This greatly reduces bandwidth consumption.
  5. Data Storage: Over the years, the capacity of hard drives has expanded greatly while their prices have fallen dramatically. One key development has been the introduction of solutions specifically designed for video surveillance.
  6. Analytics: Analytics solutions can match faces, determine when a line has been crossed or clarify an object, allowing end-users to quickly access a scene and analyze the situation. Analytics can also reduce the amount of storage needed to keep relevant video since all of the unimportant information is filtered out.
  7. Video Alarm Verification: Cameras can now be used to verify intrusion alarms to help minimize false dispatches. This solution combines a compact camera with a PIR motion sensor so when activity is detected, surveillance footage is captured. This clip is then sent to security officials to determine the validity of the alarm.  

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