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HD Surveillance Performance Improves as Demand Rises

As demand continues to increase for High-definition video surveillance, the security field also continues to improve upon HD performance, specifically in regards low-light operation and bandwidth consumption. This article from explains.

One of these technologies that has seen drastic improvements in recent years is CMOS imager technology. In the past, CMOS was continually outperformed by CCD in low-light conditions and warm environments, because of CMOS’ smaller pixel size, dark current, higher read noise and column correction processing. However, over the past several years, manufacturers have been working diligently to correct these issues and now CMOS imagers perform at par or even better than CCD imagers in similar conditions, making CMOS a viable (or even preferable) option for low-light imaging. But what about bandwidth consumption, storage and image file sizes?

Basically, more pixels mean more data, which means larger files for every image captured by a megapixel camera. When you consider that a typical 1.3 megapixel camera consumes 2 to 5 Mbps of bandwidth, or higher, it is not hard to imagine how quickly this can use up all available bandwidth and storage in a given network. Yet, there is hope.

High profile H.264 encoding offers optimized image quality with minimal file size. It is important to note, however, that the effectiveness of H.264 compression varies, depending upon the complexity of the surveillance scene. Increased motion and varied lighting will result in larger image sizes.

Additionally, manufacturers have designed and developed video storage hardware specifically for the special challenges of recording video surveillance data. Matching cameras and recording/storage using high profile H.264 gives users the greatest outcome, allowing them to maximize the benefits of HD/megapixel imaging while minimizing bandwidth issues on their network.

As IP and megapixel technology continues to improve, end-user demand is also increasing for more cost-effective, high-quality video.  As a result, the HD surveillance industry is continually striving to better its technology, to provide the customer with the best possible security equipment available at a price that makes sense for their business.

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