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Putting Wireless to Work for You

In today’s economy, one thing is for certain; budgets are as tight as they have been in recent memory. But a small budget does not excuse the use of poor security technology. Because of this, wireless intrusion technology has become increasingly invaluable. It is cheap to install, because it does not require pulling wire from the security panel out to the sensors, and it is still very reliable.

This article from explains the evolution of this once overlooked technology.

Wireless security networks are being utilized in commercial settings more now than ever before. As recently as five years ago, wireless had been written off as a purely residential technology, but the demand for a cost-effective security system with quick installation and little disruption to everyday business has brought wireless to the commercial world.

Wireless technology is ever evolving and has become more reliable than most ever believed it could. Sophisticated communication protocols put in place by wireless providers have eliminated false alarms due to radio interference and wireless 900MHz networks are capable of supporting several applications, including a security system and fire extinguisher monitoring, at the same time. Furthermore, signal verification allows wireless users to verify that their system is working properly and that transmissions are reaching the head-end as intended (these check-ins also test for low battery, tamper and inactive conditions), providing users with the confidence that their wireless network is just as reliable as a wired system.

In some ways wireless technologies are more reliable than wired systems. Wireless technology also has the ability to self-heal. If the signal to any receiver is lost, the system will automatically reconfigure and find an alternative path. And wireless’ ability to be easily upgraded makes it the ideal system for any growing business.

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