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Tech Spending on Rise

Corporate and government spending on information technology security is quickly growing. Global spending on security products and services, which is currently around $55 billion in 2011, is projected to reach $71 billion by 2014, according to Lawrence Pingree, research director for Gartner.

This article from USA Today explains why.

With the recent escapades of LulzSec, a group of computer hackers who have claimed responsibility for several high-profile attacks, companies and government agencies are on high alert. Over a 50-day period the gang disrupted websites and stole data from the likes of Sony, PBS, Fox and Nintendo as well as agencies ranging from the FBI and CIA to the Brazilian government and Arizona Department of Public Safety. If captured and convicted, LulzSec members will likely face stiff sentences, says Josh Shaul, chief technology officer of Application Security.

The problem is that LulzSec has disappeared without a trace. Their members have scattered across the globe and security officials, government agencies and companies are all left to sit and wait until the next rebellious hacker group emerges.

This is why spending on information technology security has quickly skyrocketed. But is it enough?

“Security companies remind tech buyers that in addition to new hardware and software, they need to be “educated on the potential repercussions of a data breach,” says Pat Clawson, CEO of security firm Lumension. “Without education, we will never gain any ground.”

So you have to ask yourself, are you adequately protected?

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