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How AI is Shaping the Security Industry

ARK Systems AI Security Industry

Security technology is constantly moving forward. Today, AI, ML, and advanced analytics are working together for a better security network.

The security industry is undergoing constant changes that are meant to make it easier to keep both homes and businesses safer and more secure than ever. One of the greatest modern updates to security technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI, coupled with machine learning (ML) and advanced analytics, has made amazing strides in advancing and improving security technology.

Management of Excessive Data

One of the biggest problems facing modern security is an overabundance of data. Whether you have a security guard watching too many screens at once or your systems are bogged down with too much analytics data, it’s often too much for a single person to handle. Sometimes it’s too much for even a small team to handle! AI is perfect for any facility or industry that deals with a lot of data by using machine learning and advanced analytics to determine a baseline and monitor activity 24/7 for anything that doesn’t align with typical patterns. This system can alert physical security personnel, making it easier for them to perform their duties without being bogged down by excessive data.

Preventative Strategies

Responding to security threats and emergencies is a reality of life, but the best security strategy is deterrence. Every incident avoided saves resources, improves security efficiency, and protects lives and property. AI with advanced analytics is excellent for finding vulnerabilities in security and helping security professionals work on preventative strategies that help to avoid security incidents as much as possible. 

Improved Safety

AI security is used for more than just security threats. In healthcare, data from AI-based systems can be used to predict and prevent falls. This kind of determination can be used to prevent accidents in all sorts of different industries to ensure the highest levels of safety and security. Warehouse accidents can be mitigated, or safety issues in areas with dense populations can be determined and lowered. Technology has even gotten to a point where AI surveillance cameras can detect a gun in someone’s hand, giving security professionals a heads-up before an incident occurs and giving them time to respond before things are able to escalate.


Located in Columbia, Maryland, ARK Systems provides unsurpassed quality and excellence in the security industry, from system design all the way through to installation. We handle all aspects of security with local and remote locations. With over 30 years in the industry, ARK Systems is an experienced security contractor. Trust ARK to handle your most sensitive data storage, surveillance, and security solutions.

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