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5 Common Remote Work Security Risks

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Remote work brings with it some unique security risks that should be considered, especially if employees are handling sensitive data.

As we begin coming out of the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic, the reality is clear that remote work is the new normal for many companies and industries. In fact, current projections show that remote work is expected to account for 25% of all jobs by the end of 2022. While industries were already slowly working their way toward offering more remote work positions, the pandemic forced the hand of many companies and industries to make the switch almost immediately. Unfortunately, when change happens too fast, it can leave companies struggling to find the right balance—this is especially true when it comes to common security risks that need to be considered when dealing with remote work employees. 

Unsecured Networks

While an employee’s personal home network might be somewhat secure, the reality is that it doesn’t necessarily hold up to the network security that is available for businesses. In addition, many remote workers will take their job on the road with them, using open wi-fi networks that are easy to infiltrate. This can lead to stolen data or even give someone access to your business’s cloud network.

Weak Passwords

Passwords are already considered one of the weakest forms of cybersecurity, and they are made even less effective when employees reuse passwords or create simple ones that they find easy to remember but aren’t complex or secure. Using two-factor authentication (2FA) can be a game-changer, especially with excellent physical security devices such as a 2FA hard token, which generates login codes that allow access into the network. Another option is a physical security key which can be slotted into a USB port or read through Bluetooth or NFC technology if the user needs to log in through a mobile device.

Phishing Scams

One of the more frustrating remote work security risks is phishing scams. These can be incredibly dangerous because they are often disguised as urgent emails from a boss. Any employee can fall victim to one of these scams, especially if they don’t know how to determine if it’s legitimate. Since they don’t have immediate access to a colleague to get a second opinion, they’re more likely to take the email at face value, potentially putting company data at significant risk.

Physical Security

Remote work doesn’t mean physical security is no longer an issue. Employee homes, vehicles, or even luggage, could fall victim to theft. In addition, they may choose to work outside of their homes during some days and could potentially be exposing company data and information while out in public by not ensuring that their screen is hidden or even stepping away from their device for a period of time, leaving it vulnerable.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is one of the most important security risks when it comes to remote work, and it is also an area of security the company has a lot more control over. Choosing better and stronger cybersecurity, such as the Zero Trust Model, enables your business and its employees to work more securely from almost anywhere and can help to limit any potential threats or damage they can accomplish during an attack.


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