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How Airport Security is Evolving to Make Life Easier for Travelers

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Airport security is beginning to undergo a few important transitions that make air travel faster, easier, and safer.

Airport security hasn’t changed much since the major overhauls that took place in light of the tragedy of 9/11, a tragedy that left our country on eggshells. In particular, the past 22 years have been frustrating for travelers and airport security alike as people struggle to accept the slow and tedious process of getting through the security checkpoints. The yelling, taking off your shoes, trying to quickly pull out your laptop, and going through the body scanner—it’s a lot. For now, the process will remain the same, but new technology is on the horizon to pave the way for travel that’s isn’t just easier but also safer.

Computed Tomography X-Ray Systems

Computed Tomography (CT) x-ray systems are being implemented in airports across the U.S. to make scanning carry-on luggage faster than ever. Twenty-eight U.S. airports have already implemented these systems. They’re beneficial for TSA and travelers because they allow laptops and liquids to remain inside of your carry-on luggage, saving everyone a lot of time and effort.

Credential Authentication Technology

Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) is slowly being implemented in airports in hopes of eliminating boarding passes. This system can tap into the flight database, and users will only need a valid identification to present at each checkpoint. The hope is that this will eliminate a lot of problems by providing a quick and easy way for travelers to check in without needing an external pass. As long as you have your ID, you have access to the airport terminal.

TSA Biometrics

Biometrics have come a long way in a short amount of time, and a few airports are already testing the use of facial recognition technology in order to quickly identify travelers and smooth out the security process. Facial recognition cameras are installed at security checkpoints in order to quickly scan the faces of travelers and allow them smooth entry into the terminal.

This isn’t just a revolutionary way to keep travelers moving through the TSA lines, it can also be used to tighten security in an efficient way. With facial recognition technology, airports can seamlessly allow legitimate travelers through the security checkpoints, while illegitimate passengers and criminals can be caught and detained more easily. There are some concerns about privacy that have been raised, and so far, only twelve airports have implemented biometrics with volunteers testing the system. However, it could be an answer to shortening the long lines we all hate when it’s time to go through airport security.


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