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The Fundamentals of Access Control

Many businesses still issue their employees with conventional keys. These keys will open locks that are also, more often than not, just as traditional. However, one trend that is sweeping the country is the upgrade to access control systems. These systems can revolutionize the way you protect your business and keep everyone inside safer than ever before.

The Fundamentals of Access Control
One trend that is sweeping the country is the upgrade to access control systems.

What It Is

Access control centers on the ability to control who comes and who goes. It doesn’t matter if your office is part of a larger building; access control can work just as well for a larger structure as it can for an individual office with a keypad lock installed on it. Keycards and keyfobs are often used as credentials for apartment complexes and college dormitories as well. 

Replacing Keys 

One reason for replacing keys is that your business has a high turnover rate. If this is the case, then issuing keys might be pointless. Plus, having an access control system can keep out intruders who don’t know the right code, as often, only employees are given the code. Granted, the employees can provide trustworthy outsiders the code, but even then, that can present a security flaw. 

For Small Businesses 

Sometimes, a small business could be engaged in manufacturing. Different shifts mean that some workers leave when their shifts are done so that new employees can come in and take their place. This means that the plant doors are always left unlocked. Although this could be done in the name of fire safety, it also presents a reasonably obvious hole in the plan you have to keep everyone safe. Merely giving all of your office workers the keys to the building, whether or not the modular offices are in a building next to a plant, isn’t always the right solution either. That’s because employees leaving for the night or the weekend could forget to lock the doors behind them when they are the last ones left at the end of the business day. 

For Medium Businesses 

Once your company grows large enough, keycards and keyfobs can be issued to track employee movement, which can be immensely helpful when attempting to determine the origin of intrusions being detected. 

For Larger Companies

When companies have over 1,000 employees at a time, then the security measures need to be even more stringent. This is when biometric security measures, voice authentication, and photo identifications become even more critical than they ever were before. 

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