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Wireless Intrusion Systems

As recently as five years ago, many believed wireless systems were not suited for commercial application, but that sentiment has changed as of late. Because of its labor-friendly installation requirements, wireless intrusion technology has become increasingly popular in the commercial security world.


With security budgets being trimmed across the board, wireless technology has emerged as a cost-effective alternative to expensive hardwired systems. With no need to manually connect camera/sensor to the main security panel, and with many environments unable to be hardwired, wireless intrusion systems are gaining widespread acceptance in the security community.


Advances in technology and application have brought commercial wireless to primetime. These systems can be installed quickly with little to no disruption of day-to-day business activities. And as more and more end-users become convinced of their value, use of wireless intrusion systems will continue to expand.


So what are the biggest benefits to such a system?


False Alarms no longer pose a problem: Sophisticated communication protocols used by leading wireless providers eliminate false alarms due to radio interference.


Wireless is now as reliable as hardwired systems: Wireless systems actually have an advantage when it comes to its ability to verify that the endpoint is working properly and the transmissions are reaching the head-end as intended, giving end-users the satisfaction of knowing that their wireless system is just as reliable as any hardwired security system.


Flexibility: Once wireless systems are in place, devices can easily be moved to allow for changing floor plans or unforeseen obstacles.


Old problems have been resolved: Any past concerns about interference, reliability or range have been dealt with and resolved.


Because of an increasing need for security application and upgrades that meet the needs of commercial facilities without going over budget, wireless systems will continue to see a rise in use and overall acceptance.


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