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  • The Importance of Communication Between Disparate Security Technologies

    Mass notification systems, security cameras, two-way radios, and other associated devices are all immensely important. In these turbulent times, they have become even more crucial than they used to be. Interoperability solutions may seem like an unnecessary expense, but campuses… Read More

  • Keeping An Eye On Students

    School districts around the country are using card systems in order to keep track of students’ attendance. Many of these school districts have found that by implementing such a system, they are reaping many rewards.

  • Guarding the Mainstream

    Security cameras have traditionally been used to reconstruct past events, not for preventing incidents from happening. That WAS true…until now. In the past, surveillance monitoring was left to human operators. And let’s face it, even the best human operator is… Read More

  • Top 7 Trends in Video Surveillance

    The Security and surveillance industry is one full of trends with the “next big thing” lurking right under the corner. Technologies are constantly changing, evolving the way we protect our homes and businesses. So what are the current trendy technologies… Read More