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Video Continues to Enhance Its Security Image

The security industry is always on the leading edge of the technological revolution. This is especially true when it comes to video surveillance or closed circuit television (CCTV), which has been around since the 1970s. Video cameras combine proven reliability, trackable success in security and operational applications, reasonable price points, exponential growth, and that all-important upside.

Over the years, video surveillance technology has continued to push the limits of technology, with such developments as IP-based systems, high definition video, and ever-increasingly sophisticated software.

Megapixel Security Cameras: High definition video, defined as a minimum resolution of 720-1,080 pixels, allows for a much clearer picture. And a clearer picture allows for better identification of individuals, the utilization of fewer cameras to cover a given area, special applications like license plate recognition (LPR), and much, much more!

HDcctv: This relatively new security innovation, which transmits uncompressed video without being encapsulated in TCP/IP, is built on technology pioneered for broadcast television. HDcctv boasts many of the same benefits as Megapixel Cameras while still permitting the use of conventional analog equipment.

High Quality Optics: The need for high quality optics is often forgotten and lost in the hype over HD video and storage capacity. But what good is a security camera without the right lens?

Video Management Systems and Software (VMS): With the expanding complexities and sophistication of video surveillance systems came the emergence of VMS, a unified user interface, and the open or nonproprietary platforms to facilitate interoperability. These solutions play an important role in several markets, including: include education, government, healthcare, transportation and even homeland security.

Storage Capacity: Today, data storage technology has finally evolved enough to meet demand. Yet, prices continue to fall.

Analytics: With the increasing and widespread use of video surveillance came the need to better track, analyze, and evaluate all the video these systems capture. Video analytics is a form of machine vision designed to eliminate the need to for human monitoring, because people are simply not capable of monitoring so much information on their own.

And this is all just the tip of the iceberg that is video surveillance technology!

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Video Continues to Enhance Its Security Image

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