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Overcoming Network Distance Limitations to PoE Cameras

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology powers IP surveillance cameras by transferring DC electrical currents and data over standard UTP cabling. This article explains everything you need to know about the advantages and limitations of PoE technology.

One of the biggest problems with PoE is reaching remote locations outside the distance limitations of UTP cabling, which according to the TIA/EIA 568-5-A standard for category 5e cable, cannot exceed 100 meters (328 ft) in length.

So the big question is how do you get past the 100-meter limit? The answer is fiber optics cabling, which has been proven to help overcome the distance and bandwidth limitations of UTP. But since fiber optics has a few limitations of its own, namely the fact that it cannot conduct DC power, PoE media converters are often used to extend network distances through fiber optics to remote IP cameras.

There are also several other solutions available to extend PoE network link distances, including LAN extenders that convert Ethernet to DSL, UTP to coax converters and wireless technology. But none of these perform quite as well as fiber optics over long distances.

Fiber, unlike copper, can extend network distances up to 87 miles with no data deterioration, while LAN only has the capability to extend network distances to 3,300 feet. Plus fiber cabling provides several security benefits other solutions cannot.

Fiber cabling offers a secure medium that generates no electro-magnetic emission and is very difficult to tap. It is also not susceptible to electrical interference or data loss that can result from changes in temperature or atmospheric conditions.

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