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Where Should Businesses Consider Installing Access Control?

ARK Systems Access Control

When determining where your business needs access control, consider these common areas that may need extra security.

When you’re running a business, it’s critical to make sure your facility or storefront is as secure as possible. Every business and facility has something to protect, whether it’s inventory, staff, vulnerable individuals, or high-risk property such as volatile chemicals or money. Whatever your business is, you should carefully consider which areas should have access control systems in order to maintain the best possible security without hindering your staff, vendors, and guests unduly. This offers you peace of mind, and it limits security risks and threats to your facility by ensuring only authorized personnel can gain access to your business.

Main Entrance

Main entrance access control isn’t viable for every business, but it’s important for office buildings, government buildings, and other businesses that should only be accessible to credentialed individuals. However, even retail stores that are open to the public can benefit from modified main entrance access control that requires credentials when someone opens the doors to customers. This helps protect the building during off-hours by ensuring unauthorized visitors can’t access the main entrance.

Rear Entrance

Any building with a rear entrance, or staff entrance, should have access control installed there. These entrances are often reserved for authorized employee and vendor use, so it’s important to keep them secure.

Parking Garage/Lot

Most businesses have some sort of parking area. In some cases, installing access control to the lot or garage itself is necessary to reserve space for authorized visitors and personnel. This is commonly seen in paid parking garages but can be used simply as an extra security measure for businesses and facilities that need to restrict access to their parking areas. Access control can also be installed at any entrance within the lot or garage to limit access into the actual building.


Elevators offer unbridled access to all of the floors of a building—unless they have access control. With this, you can reserve elevators for staff, vendors, and VIP guests. It can also limit access to unauthorized visitors or keep certain floors off-limits from those without proper credentials. Elevators that utilize access control systems can be found in luxury hotels and resorts, corporate office buildings, and some government facilities.

High-Risk Areas

Any and all high-risk areas should be outfitted with access control systems. These include, but are not limited to, emergency exits, storage areas, meeting rooms, server rooms, and offices. Areas someone might try to use to remain undetected should remain closed off to any unauthorized personnel or guests. 


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