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2011 Security Trends

Do you often feel out of the loop when it comes to technology? Well, you are not alone. That is why we at ARK Systems, Inc. have bundled the latest trends in the security industry into one place.

Wireless Infrastructure is on the Rise

Wireless infrastructure provides businesses so many advantages over traditional trenching and lying of cable. For starters, wireless solutions reduce cost. And in today’s economic environment, saving money while still improving performance is a huge benefit to any business. Wireless infrastructure allows you to network without having to undergo any major construction. After all, it’s wireless! And because it’s wireless, it offers a flexibility that cabled video surveillance just cannot compete with. If you want to move a wireless camera, do it.

HDcctv is Stepping Up

High definition closed-circuit television, better known as HDcctv, is built upon the HD-SDI standard pioneered in the professional broadcast market. The release of new HDcctv compliant products has caused a surge in HDcctv sales in 2011. In the short term, HDcctv products are expected to gain traction in the retrofit market where coax transmission remains common. In the long term, HDcctv could make a viable replacement for SD analog equipment.

Cloud-based Video Surveillance

Cloud-based video surveillance, also known as Video Surveillance as a Service (VsaaS), has been a hot topic as of late. This is because VsaaS offers the ability to achieve remote redundancy of video data, true ‘plug n’ play’ installation, remote access to video, and a lower cost video surveillance system. Now if that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will. No wonder cloud-based video solutions are on the rise.

Could 3D be taking over?

Last year, HD was all the rage in the video surveillance world. Now 3D video seems to be the next trendy innovation in an always-changing industry. But what makes 3D video surveillance better than HD video technology? The key benefit 3D has over HD is depth perception, which could very well lead to more accurate and more advanced analytics algorithms.

But remember, this technology is still relatively new and until prices drop, do not look for 3D video technology to really take off…at least not yet.

Commercial Thermal Surveillance

Thermal cameras have been deployed in high security buildings – nuclear power plants, prisons, airports, etc. – for quite some time. The technology is by no means new. However, until recently, this technology was fairly expensive. What is new regarding this thermal surveillance is its price.

Affordable thermal security cameras are now available to end-users everywhere. Because of this, the thermal security market is expected to rapidly expand in the coming years.

Has HD video finally arrived?

While HD sales have grown over the last 2 years, standard definition network camera sales still dominate the industry. However, HD sales are expected to continually grow until the technology eventually takes over the security industry.

HD offers increased resolution but not to the extreme level where the cost of storage and bandwidth becomes unmanageable.

This was just a small sampling of what the security industry has in store for us in the coming years. For any further questions on Security Trends, simply contact ARK Systems at 1-800-995-0189 or click here today.

When you consider how crucial security can be, and when you think of all the options that you’re faced with today, one thing becomes clear. You need a contractor with experience. For assessment, design, installation, testing and service, ARK is the expert across the board.

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